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"Dr. Maltby is an amazing doctor. His knowledge in his profession is outstanding." -R.S.

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the car accident

We understand the complexities of personal injury cases and we take great pride in managing them well.



Combining the best science and technology with experience and tradition.

The Adjustment

The Specific Chiropractic Adjustment restores a vertebra in the spine to its optimal movement or position.  It is meant to be gentle and fast. Studies have shown that slow adjustments (over 200milliseconds) can have little to no effect on the spine. When the spine is in the correct position and each vertebra is moving properly our body is able to take care of itself. Here at White Pine we strive to deliver quick effective adjustments in order to allow your body to reach its full potential. At White Pine Chiropractic we understand that not everyone reacts the same to the adjustment, this is why we utilize a few techniques so that we can serve you better. Dr. Maltby utilizes the Knee Chest Upper Cervical technique, as well as full spine diversified and Impulse IQ instrument adjusting.

Dr. Maltby adjusting is son.
The Adjustment

The Laser

Laser therapy helps relieve pain levels and repair tissue damage, among other valuable therapeutic benefits. By accelerating the healing process with increased circulation and enhanced tissue repair, laser therapy decreases inflammation and pain. The Laser is an FDA approved device to help alleviate pain and inflammation.

The MyoVison

​ MyoVision’s ScanVision™ sEMG measures the electrical activity of the paraspinal muscles while weight bearing. ​The data displays colored bars that extend outward from the spine, showing muscle tension levels on both left and right sides of the spine. The length of the bars are proportional to the amount of muscle tension. The ScanVision's proprietary sEMG technology is painless, non-invasive and completely safe for children and pregnant women.


DynaROM is used to test for pain as a result of soft issue injury from an auto accident or work injury. Sensors are placed on the body to measure both how far you can bend, and your muscle guarding response. You are required to perform various motions as the sensors graph these measures. This data is used to aid in establishing need for care and tracking your progress over time. Dr. Maltby is only certified sEMG and DynaROM practitioner in western Idaho.

DynaROM on the lumbar spine.
The MyoVision

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8:00am-12:30pm, 2:00pm-5:00pm                                8:00am-12:30pm

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