Movement is Life

Movement is life in every aspect of the phrase. When we look at the smallest parts of our cells we see things are moving at an alarming rate and they seem to be doing so with no forethought of motion. They know where they are going and what they are doing. Chiropractic has philosophy that is grounded in 33 distinct principles. Principle 18 states that ‘The Signs of Life are evidence of the Intelligence of life.’ Further explanation of this is as such: “They are motions of the adaptive kind which show the presence and government of localized intelligence.” The deeper we study the human body and what it does to keep itself alive, the more we see that things are always moving. Inside each one o


Please, don’t let the facts get in the way of my opinion. Biased. We all have them and we all lean in our direction of decision-making based upon them, at least most of the time. Sports fans are fans of a specific team usually due to a biased. We do have the group of “band wagon” fans, who jump to whatever team is popular or the best at the moment, but usually we see and hear the die-hard fans that never leave their team no matter how good or bad they are. What I have always found interesting about these die-hard fans is that they usually know more facts about their favorite teams rival rather than their own team, if only to be able to explain why the rival team sucks. In the end none of it

What does the Adjustment Affect?

The most common version of this question is, “What does Chiropractic do?” I wish there was a simple answer, but as it is with most questions if you want it to be answered correctly then one must take the time to. The simplest answer that we have today, with all of our research is this: The Chiropractic Adjustment changes the way your brain interprets the world around you, in order for you to properly adapt to the every changing environment you live in. You can also say the adjustment effects everything. You can say this because it changes the way your brain interprets the world around you. This is not relativism, there is only one reality and our brains interpret this reality with all the se

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