Got Sick...?

One of the most interesting situations I find myself in as a Chiropractor is when a person calls into the office to reschedule an appointment because they are sick. I understand not wanting to “spread germs” to other people and not wanting to get up and drive somewhere when you are not feeling well. When I hear this I tend to say something like this: “The first thing you should do is get adjusted.” Usually the response is something along the lines of this: “This doesn’t have anything to do with my back and I’m just going to pop a pill and sleep it off.” That response always makes me cringe. Either I am not doing my job communicating how powerful your body’s ability to heal is, or they have m

Goal Setting

Goal Setting One of the most common things to see on the social media right now are all the goals that people are setting for the New Year. It is a good thing to post it out there for all to see, it sets an air of accountability, which is one of the crucial steps in keeping goals. If you have set new goals for the forthcoming year, then this post is for you. If you have not set goals and do not plan too, this post is for you as well. Setting goals is not a long list of things you want to accomplish that seem far beyond the reach of your everyday normal routine, they can be simple. The simple goals are usually the most effective in changing you for the better as well. It is the little wins th

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