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Movement is Life

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Movement is life in every aspect of the phrase. When we look at the smallest parts of our cells we see things are moving at an alarming rate and they seem to be doing so with no forethought of motion. They know where they are going and what they are doing.

Chiropractic has philosophy that is grounded in 33 distinct principles. Principle 18 states that ‘The Signs of Life are evidence of the Intelligence of life.’ Further explanation of this is as such:

“They are motions of the adaptive kind which show the presence and government of localized intelligence.”

The deeper we study the human body and what it does to keep itself alive, the more we see that things are always moving. Inside each one of our cells we have this small organelle called the Mitochondria. The number of them varies from cell to cell and these little guys produce the energy your body needs to do just about everything. The best part is that you can control how many of these little guys your cells have. Have you ever heard the phrase: “You have to burn energy to make energy.” That is exactly it. If you work out, your body will try and adapt to what you did so that it will be prepared for what you just did if you decide to do it again. One way your body does this is to increase the number of Mitochondria you have in each muscle cell that you used while working out. On the same hand if you stop using a muscle as much as you used too your body will take away these little guys because it thinks you do not need them anymore.

Use it or lose it.

Your body is in a constant state of adaptation to the entire environment that you put yourself in. Everything you eat, drink, see, breathe, sit on, walk on, play with, hear, say, etc. Everything that you come in contact with or that comes in contact with you, your body will react to it and adapt to the possibility of having to experience that again or resist it again. For example, let us say you play the guitar and you have calluses on your fingers because your brain is thinking “WHOA! This dude likes to rip the skin off of his finger tips, better tell that skin to grow tougher so that will not happen again.” And slowly over time you have calluses on your fingers. Everything else in your body reacts the same way to the environment it is in.

When our brain can no longer get our body to adapt properly this is when problems happen, and this is why Chiropractors exist. We understand this concept better than anyone else and spend 6 years in school beginning to understand how to get the body to adapt properly by releasing the serious effects on the nervous system. Our body is in a constant state of flux. It is constantly adapting to survive. It can only properly adapt if it is correctly receiving and properly interpreting the signals it receives from everything happening to it. This is all possible by the nervous system. Our brain gets signals from every place in our body about where it is, what it is, and what is happening to it. In turn the brain tells everything what to do, what it is, and what needs to happen based off of the inputs it receives. So if your brain is not getting the correct information then your brain cannot relay the correct response, the correct adaptation. This is when things start to go bad, this is when we get “sick.”

Let us assume we have pressure on a nerve from our kidney to our brain. And there is something wrong with the kidney and the brain needs to send the correct signal to it to tell it to adapt and change to correct this problem. But this pressure is keeping the brain from getting the proper signal from the kidney that something is wrong. The kidney even puts out other signs that something is wrong, and we can feel the pain of it. But if the brain is not getting the proper signal of what this pain is about it will actually shut down that pain signal because it thinks nothing is wrong, and those nerves must be acting up. It literally turns off bundles of nerves that are giving warning signals because it is annoying. What is the brain to do except assume that everything is fine and keep telling the kidney to do what it is doing. Over time, if the pressure is not released the kidney will break down and fail. This process might take days, months, years, but it will happen. Research shows that the weight of a quarter is enough pressure on a nerve to change it, to make it not receive or transmit the correct signals.

As Chiropractors we release the serious effects of stress on the nervous system. We do this by analyzing the spine and adjusting it. We are very specific in our adjustment and do not generally manipulate bones in order to make noise. Chiropractic is used by all walks of life and all professions to live healthier happier lives. Are you living your life to its fullest potential? Or are you simply masking the pain with pills and promises that it will eventually just go away?

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