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Dr Maltby is very knowledgeable and confident in his adjustments which made me feel well taken care of. I have had too many accidents and concussions. I've experienced multiple chiropractors in the past but Dr Maltby is the only one who has helped me heal in a shorter amount of time than so many others. He is kind, listens well, calm and knows exactly where to go to help your body heal! What a big blessing he is! I would highly recommend Dr Maltby if you want to get your body back to healthy working condition.

Best in his field by far! I am beyond Grateful


This is the first time I went to a Chiropractor and did not regret it. 

- Deana

Dr. Maltby has been a lifesaver. My whole family has benefited from his knowledge. I can’t recommend White Pine Chiropractic enough.


Dr. John Maltby is very educated, professional, and personable! He doesn’t “sell you” on anything that you don’t need and he takes the time to answer any and all of your questions. He gets you in as soon as possible and welcomes walk-ins (he was still booking and keeping appointments the day that his new baby arrived).
All-in-all, he cares when his clients are in discomfort and accommodates schedules accordingly.



By far the best chiropractor!! Super knowledgeable!!



Dr. Maltby takes time to provide the best knowledge and service.



My 13yr old son was having issues with his lower back. After Dr. Maltby examined my son and figured out what was wrong, my son is now feeling so much better and he isn't having the issues anymore.

- Brian


Have you ever gone to a Chiropractor that really took your pain away? Well I have and I am so sad that I have to travel out of state now to get the best. I went in to see Maltby for the first time with a bulge in my knee (sure I was going to need knee surgery), a horrible sciatic pull down one leg and a shoulder that I was certain was going to have to go back for another surgery. I told him my ailments, he took X-Rays and watched me walk. He popped me in places I didn't know could pop. After a few sessions. I no longer have a bulge in my knee and I can bend it better than I have in years. I don't have the sciatic pull down in my leg anymore and I have more mobility in my shoulder than I think I ever have in the last 15 years. If you want a top notch doctor that really cares. Don't think twice about going to see him. He is amazing and very caring. Thank you for loving your work and being the best. It shows through your clientele.

- David


It's amazing that any chiropractor even wants to have me as a patient with all of my medical history. I have a fusion in my neck. Dr. John said "no problem!" I've been in constant pain in my neck/shoulder area for years. It turns out I had a cervical vertebrae tilted...above my fusion. Dr. John took care of it! Can't go wrong here!"

- Julia


I struggled with neck pain for years. I saw numerous doctors and was on pain medication. After just 7 months of seeing Dr. Maltby I was able to cut way back on my pain medication and my pain was significantly better to where my good days finally outnumbered my bad. I highly recommend Dr. Maltby!

- Mary


Dr. Maltby is an amazing doctor. His knowledge in his profession is outstanding. He  is willing to listen, come up with a treatment plan, and modify it if it isn't working for you. He treats his patients with respect and makes you feel like a friend, not just a patient. I've seen him change two lives since I've known him, both of which were easy solutions that were overlooked by other doctors. I highly recommend him.

- Rodney


Dr. Maltby is a great Chiropractor. He knows what he's doing and is great with his patients. My wife and I have seen him many times and have always been happy. He's even adjusted our kids and they loved him as well!

- Michael


Dr. Maltby treated me before moving to Idaho and I always received great service. He is very knowledgeable and was always thorough during each visit. I highly recommend him!



Dr. Maltby was very attentive to my specific health needs. I didn't feel like I was in an assembly line chiropractic clinic where they give "one-size fits all" care. I especially thought his zero gravity chair was helpful in relaxing my back and putting me at ease. I've been in pain so long, it's nice to know someone cares about how to treat me specifically and alleviate pain. If you're looking for a great doc in Eagle area, take my advice and check them out.



I took my daughter to see Dr Maltby to help with jaw pain and he greatly helped. He obviously has a great passion for his profession and is very knowledgeable. He was also very gentle with her and I felt took great pains to make her relaxed and comfortable. We will be seeing Dr Maltby for all of our chiropractic needs!

- Brett


Dr. Maltby is true a professional of his trade. Not only have I seen him personally for Chiropractic needs, he is able solve the problem that is causing an ailment and get to the root of a problem fast. I have sent numerous clients to him being a Fitness and Health expert, and they all report having the up-most of care, well being, and best experience.



Missing Doctor Maltby in his hometown! He is full of knowledge and gentle in his adjustments. Takes time to answer questions. Great chiropractor!



Dr. Malbty was my chiropractor before he moved to Idaho. Excellent chiropractor and guy! I have had slight neck and back issues for a long time and he did a great job treating me every time!


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