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Dr. Maltby grew up with this father making house calls frequently. This is considered an old school practice, one you only see in old movies. There are even mobile clinics that come to you popping up in spots all over the country now. Though we are not planning on going on the road permanently we do offer house calls.


The House Call is for current/established patients only (your first visit with Dr. Maltby must be in the office). We understand that there are times that you can not leave the house. We understand that sometimes you actually cannot get out of bed, either you are in too much pain or you are sick and do not want to expose the rest of the world to whatever it is that you might have ailing you.


Do not think for a second that The House Call is an inconvenience to Dr. Maltby, this could not be further from the truth. This is his passion and life. Please, if you are unable to make your appointment because you cannot leave the house, remember that we can come to you. It is his wish to do all that is possible to keep you happy and healthy.

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