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X Ray
X Ray

Our office utilizes a state of the art digital X-ray unit to help analyze the spine so that we can make the most accurate adjustment possible. 




The number one question people want to know is: "is it safe?"


Yes. The ionizing radiation levels associated with spinal X-rays is in the range associated with possible health benefits, termed Radiation Hormesis. For example, if you were to receive 3 views of your cervical spine (neck) you would receive around 50 millirem of exposure. Comparatively, flying from Chicago to San Francisco you would be exposed to 280 millirem of radiation. Another comparison is the CT Scan where a full body scan would give you 1,000 millirem of radiation. 


We follow strict protocols when taking our films and Dr. Maltby has taken over 250 hours of classes in Radiology while in graduate school. Our office has adopted the Practicing Chiropractors' Committee on Radiology Procols For Biomechanical Assessment of Spinal Subluxation In Chiropractic Clinical Practice guidelines. ( ) These guidelines have been accepted for inclusion in the National Guideline Clearinghouse and are backed with over 1800 references. They are the ultimate standard in X-Ray protocol. 




Without X-rays on your spine to see the exact position of the vertebrae we would only be giving you our best guess. Now, that best guess is still a very good one, but it is still just that, a guess. 


There are over 1,000 peer-reviewed studies on the reliability, repeatability and safety of Chiropractic X-rays for the purpose of finding the Vertebral Subluxation. We do not simply glance at your X-rays to find broken bones, arthritis etc. We draw lines and measure angles to compare your spine to what is considered the normal model that is reflected in the scientific literature. These lines that are drawn and angles that are measured are used to provide the Doctor with the most accurate information about you. This allows the Doctor to tailor your care to exactly what your spine needs. 


Our Set-Up


Here at White Pine Chiropractic we use a Wireless Digital X-ray system. This system gives us the flexibility to take a wide variety of X-rays. From the spine to the foot we have the ability to easily take an X-ray of any part of the body. Also, with our on-site setup we can get X-rays taken for you in minutes.

Digital X Ray Machine
Digital X Ray Machine
Wireless Digital X Ray Machine
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