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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Please, don’t let the facts get in the way of my opinion.


We all have them and we all lean in our direction of decision-making based upon them, at least most of the time. Sports fans are fans of a specific team usually due to a biased. We do have the group of “band wagon” fans, who jump to whatever team is popular or the best at the moment, but usually we see and hear the die-hard fans that never leave their team no matter how good or bad they are. What I have always found interesting about these die-hard fans is that they usually know more facts about their favorite teams rival rather than their own team, if only to be able to explain why the rival team sucks. In the end none of it matters, what it all boils down to this: they have a biased towards a certain team and no one is going to tell them they are wrong, no matter how much SF Giants……er uh….. whatever their team is sucks. Don’t let the facts get in the way of their opinion that their team is still the best.

This is a fun example of how biased works, and almost everyone can easily think of one person who fits the die-hard sports fan example. But, do we think of health practices the same way? Do we have a favorite Doctor/Trainer/Coach who in our mind can never be wrong? Of course we do, we might not admit to it, but we do. I can think of a few professionals in my life who I look up to in this way, and I too have a difficult time processing any information that they have in being in any way wrong. Now, I can take this topic down some deep rabbit holes, and I am sure you are thinking of many beliefs other people have that you “know” beyond the shadow of a doubt are wrong. I’m also sure that you have even rehearsed in your mind the “got-cha” questions and statements you will use at the opportune time to bring their ignorant belief to its knees. Yet, you probably have never dug deep into your opposing belief in the first place. Your “got-cha” moment is most likely not genuine, it is probably a phrase your heard from one of those figures in your life that you do not question.

Wow, talk about diving deep for a good paragraph, huh? The entire point of that paragraph is this, are you willing to change how you think and what you do in order to live a happier and healthier life? Are you willing to set aside your biased to really dig deep in to what is really appropriate for you to live a happy healthy life? I’m a Chiropractor, right? Obviously I want to convince you to see me for your healthcare needs, but it is more than that. I want you to choose the proper things based off of what is best for you, not what your current Doctor tells you or what I tell you. There is no set blueprint for health, there is no set blueprint for fitness, there is no set blueprint for good mobility, etc. There are principles that can guide you on a path to all of these things. Seek these out, or find a Doctor/Coach/Trainer who can help point you in good direction, and teach you to read your body’s cues to what works and does not work for you.

Things that make us grow are those things that we fail at and recognize the mistakes we made and to not to repeat them. Standing on the shoulders of giants is line a repeat to myself often. It means to study the history of a thing, see the mistakes made by the greats who came before me and stand on their shoulders of knowledge they left behind in order to reach further and beyond. It also means to not repeat the same mistakes that they already made and corrected. Admitting when we are wrong also is how we grow and move beyond our current place. You do not have to be wrong to grow, but it helps when we know we are being held back by something that is not correct, and fixing that.

The Conversion of Dr. Peter Karpovich is a great example of someone having the ability to admit fault and change the direction of their life. Here is a link to the PDF on the story, it is too long to add to this post, I encourage you to read it and to understand the lesson within. (

The point is this if you have a health issue that has been with you for some time now perhaps you are looking in all the wrong places. Perhaps you are being led down all the wrong treatment options due to a biased in your health care professional or a biased in your opinion of them. Maybe you trust Google more than those around you who have devoted their entire life to making you healthy.

Change is hard, and can be scary, but sometimes it is necessary. If you feel you are stuck in a rut then find a different opinion on your situation, look for different angles, you might be surprised with what you find.

So here is the plug, obviously I would love for you to come to me for that change. Talking is free and anyone can schedule a consultation and see if what I offer is the change you need to jump start your health in the right direction. I have no problem telling anyone that I cannot help them, but if I cannot help you I will try and find someone who can.

The smallest change in your daily life can change everything in your world around you.

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